RFSRC Pool Rules

  1. RFSRC is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal belongings.
  2. Smoking is permitted only outside the pool fence.
  3. Eating and drinking are permitted only in the designated areas.
  4. Food, drinks, and glass items are prohibited in the pool or locker rooms.
  5. Children under 10 must be supervised by a person over 15 at all times.
  6. A 10 minute rest period every hour is required for persons under 16.
  7. Patrons under 13 must depart the pool at 6PM unless accompanied by an adult 18 or older.
  8. Showering is required before entering the pool.
  9. Proper swimming attire is required.
  10. Infants/children not toilet trained must wear swimming diapers and snug plastic pants under swim suits. Diapers are prohibited.
  11. Children over 6 must use the locker room of their gender.
  12. Conduct that may endanger you or other patrons is prohibited. Any potentially dangerous or disruptive activities or toys may be barred by the manager.
  13. Running on the pool deck is prohibited.
  14. Back dives, back jumps, or flips from the side of the pool are prohibited.
  15. Diving is permitted only in the dive well.
  16. All guests and patrons under 16 must pass a swim test in order to enter the dive well.
  17. Ball playing on the deck is prohibited.
  18. Socializing with or distracting a lifeguard on duty is prohibited.
  19. Conduct of an organized group is the responsibility of the group leader(s). Misconduct of individuals may result in dismissal of the group.
  20. Flotations devices in the main pool must be Coast Guard approved.
  21. Spitting or nose blowing into the pool or onto the deck is prohibited.
  22. Persons with skin infections, open wounds, nasal or ear discharge, or communicable diseases are not permitted in the pool.
  23. Lap lanes are to be used only by persons swimming laps or water walking.
  24. Only authorized personnel may enter the filter room, chemical storage room, electrical room, concessions, and guard office.
  25. Guests must be accompanied by a current member of the pool.

Dive Well Rules

  1. Patrons under 16 must pass as swim test before using the diving boards and before entering the dive well.
  2. One person on the diving board and ladder at a time.
  3. Divers in line must wait on the ground until the current diver has left the board.
  4. Wait on the board until the previous diver has reached the pool ladder.
  5. Only one bounce is permitted before a dive.
  6. Dive straight off the end of the board.
  7. Swim directly to the nearest ladder after diving.
  8. Back dives and cartwheels or handstands off the board are prohibited.
  9. Goggles and flotation devices may not be worn going off the board.
  10. No objects are to be thrown to or from the boards at any time.
  11. Trying to catch someone jumping from the diving board is prohibited.

Disciplinary Policies

By purchasing a membership, the account holder and all accompanying account members and guests agree to abide by the Pool Rules. Disciplinary Policies are as follows:
Level One Infractions:

1. First offense: Verbal warning.
2. Second offense: Patron is called to the guard chair or pool deck to discuss the issue with a guard. Depending on the seriousness of the infraction, patron may be benched on the pool deck for 10 minutes.
3. Third offense: Patron is referred to the manager. Patron may be ejected from the pool for the remainder of the day at manager’s discretion. In order to return to the pool, a parent/guardian will be required to meet with the pool manager and sign for approval to return to the pool.

Level Two Infractions:

High level infractions will result in immediate ejection from the pool at the manager’s discretion. Return to the pool and status of membership will be at the discretion of both the pool manager and the pool board.


Inclement Weather Rules

In the event of thunder/lightning, the pool will be closed for at least 30 minutes. The pool will reopen 30 minutes after the LAST observation of thunder/lightning.

The pool may also be closed in the event of heavy rain (even without evidence of thunder/lightning) if the lifeguards cannot clearly see the bottom of the entire pool.

When the pool is closed for inclement weather, all members must leave the facility. Members are not permitted to wait under the canopies/umbrellas, in the breezeway or restrooms. You may wait in your car if it looks like the storm will pass through quickly.