Ravensworth Farm Pool Guest Policy

Ravensworth Farm Pool members are welcome to bring guests to enjoy our facilities. Members must be present while their guests are at the pool and are responsible for ensuring their guests are aware of pool rules. Each guest age 2 and over is subject to the daily guest fee of $6.00.

Ravensworth Farm community residents are excluded from visiting the pool as guests*. This exclusion is waived for community-wide events, including Elementary Night and the Ravensworth Farm Civic Association Annual BBQ. An exception to the policy is also granted for Ravensworth Farm community residents attending private parties reserved through the Activities Team.

Discounted bundles of 10 guest passes are available at the price of $50 when you purchase or renew your membership. If you do not purchase guest passes in advance, you may purchase them individually for $6 each at the front desk at the time of your visit. 

Members who reserve a private party through our activities team are eligible for discounted party guest fees of $5.00 per person on the day of the party.  

*Please encourage your Ravensworth Farm friends and neighbors to purchase their own pool memberships. This will help maintain our valuable community asset well into the future. We love to show perspective members our facilities. Please contact our Membershp Director to arrange for a personal tour of the pool.