Interested in booking a Party at the Pool? 🎉

The Ravensworth Farm Pool is a great place to celebrate the important moments in your life with your friends and family. Our parties will definitely make a big “splash” with your guests!

 A paid party reservation includes:

  • A guaranteed, designated space reserved for your guests. Options include the patio area with sunshade adjacent to the baby pool, deck area with picnic tables alongside the diving boards (a tent can be provided upon request) or grass picnic area below the playground.
  • Tables set up based on your estimated guest count and ready approximately 15 minutes before your scheduled event time.
  • Tables set up with plastic party cloths and balloon weights.
  • Full access to pool and playground for your guests.
  • Discounted guests fees of $3.50 per person (regular price $5.00). Children under age 2 are free.

NOTE: Private party bookings are limited to a max of two parties per time slot to ensure all pool members are able to enjoy our facilities. Before submitting your request, please check the Private Party Calendar for already scheduled parties and private party blackout dates. Scheduled pool closures and large membership events are included on main pool calendar.

 Thank you for considering a private event at the pool. We look forward to hosting you and your guests. Please email your Activities Team for additional information. 

READY TO BOOK YOUR PARTY? Click here to submit your party reservation form today!

         *** *** *** *** *** ALL PRIVATE PARTY BOOKINGS ARE SUBJECT TO THE FOLLOWING TERMS and CONDITIONS *** *** *** *** ***  

  • In the event that we’re unable to host your party due to the closure of the pool for health and/or safety reasons such as thunder/lightning or an “accident” in the pool, we will refund your reservation fee or offer you the opportunity to reschedule. In all other circumstances, the reservation fee shall be non-refundable.
  • Please note that all non-member guests must be paid for regardless of whether they use the pool. Our staff and lifeguards provide oversight and ensure the safety of all guests both in the pool and in all surrounding areas. The front desk guard(s) will keep a running guest tally for you.  Final payment of all guest fees is due at the end of your event.
  • For private party bookings, the RFSRC Board has granted a special exception to the normal policy prohibiting Ravensworth Farm residents as guests at the pool. Guest fees for each non-member guest must be paid for in accordance with terms stated above.

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