The Penny War is upon us. What is the Penny War? Glad you asked. It is a friendly competition (fundraiser) between the swim and dive team age groups. Every age group plus dive will have their own jug. The goal is to have the most pennies in the jug at the end of three weeks. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. There’s a trick. Other teams can put silver coins and paper money into your jug. Pennies are counted as positive money. Silver coins and paper money counts against you pennies. Teams should feel free to add as many pennies as they want to their own jugs…..but can “sabotage” other age groups with silver coins and paper bills. What’s the goal? Be the team with the least amount of “negative” money by July 13 and you get to pie your coaches in the face at the July 14 pep rally. Start saving your pennies everyone!!!!

(All proceeds gathered go to benefit the swim and dive teams.).